Automated Calling Systems for Companies, Non-profits, and Government Agencies

When unexpected events and situations occur, Omnilert’s automated calling system helps you get the word out fast.  You can use Omnilert for a wide variety of critical communications:

  • Weather-related closures
  • Security incidents
  • Fire, tornado, storm and earthquake drills and warnings
  • Intruder, criminal alerts
  • Staffing changes
  • Event schedule or venue changes

Unlike traditional manual phone trees that often leave entire “branches” of people unreached and inefficient consecutive dialer programs that waste precious time cycling through multiple numbers, Omnilert sends your pre-recorded or text-to-speech message to thousands of recipients in seconds.

Go beyond voice messages and reach your people wherever they happen to be

From the same easy to use Omnilert web interface, you can also transmit your message via email, SMS text message, social media, a widget on your website or an RSS feed.  Large organizations can even integrate their digital signage, beacons, desktop alerts, and other safety communication systems with their Omnilert system.

Here are a few of the reasons why more than 20,000 organizations and 10 million users rely on Omnilert to keep their people safe and connected.

Get up and running in minutes. Omnilert’s intuitive user interface helps you get up to speed fast.  For most small and medium size organizations, it takes just a few minutes to create your groups, upload your user lists, and send a few test messages.  No IT department required.

One message, many formats.  Record or compose your message once then send it in multiple formats at the same time: voice message, SMS text, email, social media, web, RSS and more.

Cloud-based, access anywhere.  You can log into the admin interface from any desktop or mobile browser. No special apps are necessary – you can use any device with Internet access to send emergency notifications.

Send to thousands of recipients in seconds. Whether you need to send 25 alerts or 250,000, Omnilert’s massively scalable, cloud-based emergency alert system can reach your people.

To learn more, review the full list of Omnilert features and put Omnilert’s mass notification system to the test.  Get started today.